Chess chiefs hit back at Scrabble with introduction of two new pieces

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Chess bosses have added two new pieces to the ancient game in response to the introduction of ‘cool’ slang words to Scrabble’s official dictionary.

The new pieces are the Gangsta and the Shorty.

The Worldwide Chess Federation made the announcement after 3,000 slang words including ‘innit’, ‘thang’ and ‘fo-shizzle’ were added to the Collins Official Scrabble Words reference guide – or Scrabble Bible – released today.

The Gangsta is a described in a press release from the Federation as “a sneaky mo-fo, for sure.”

He wears a scarf around his mouth, carries a sawn-off shotgun and slopes around the chessboard in a zig-zag manoeuvre that reflects the swagger of a street criminal.

The Shorty “gets all up in yo face,” a spokesman for the Federation confirmed.

The piece has the appearance of an adolescent female and can move in any direction, albeit just a single square.

The new pieces have split the chess community, angering many traditionalists.

Four time world chess champion Andrei Sergiev said: “This is not cool, you hear me?

“Chess is, like, chess – yo. This ain’t how we roll. Na-ha.”

Brian Anderson, a spokesman for the UK Chess League – and founder of speed chess alternative Check Dis Out – welcomed the move.

“I welcome anything that appeals to kids, although I’m slightly disappointed they ignored my suggestions to add an Uzi-toting teenager in a wheelchair and a twelfth-century longbowman to the roster.”

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