Liverpool ditch blue away kit and players with “Everton eyes”

Everton eyes: Steven Gerrard

Liverpool bosses have bowed to fan pressure over the controversial new third strip and banned the colour blue from Anfield.

In an amazing U-turn, the club hierarchy has now ditched the much-criticised kit and everything blue from the stadium, including players with blue eyes.

First out of the door was club captain Steven Gerrard for sporting what manager Kenny Dalglish branded “Everton eyes.”

“After careful consideration we have decided to back the fans and banish blue from Liverpool,” said the Kop boss.

“There is no place for blue in this club and that includes those hateful Everton eyes sported by at least nine of the first team squad.

“Steven was first out of the door, but credit to him, he recognised the seriousness of the situation and personally asked me to terminate his contract.

“Dirk Kuyt proved a little more problematical but then the foreign players don’t understand the depth of feeling against Everton at this club.”

Under new club rules, hastily written following the outcry from fans, blue cheese has been removed from the Anfield canteen, no blue films will be watched by players (unless viewed on Red Hot Dutch), and pop band Blue have received a lifetime ban from the stadium.

Liverpool’s today released a new third strip which features no blue whatsoever. The bright pink kit with orange flowered shorts, sporting a cerise trim will retail at £45.99.

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  1. Very funny!!!! Dirk Kuyt has always been a problem!

  2. after nnnn nineteen, there’s lots of blues at Anfield

  3. cunny funts

  4. Lmao! Love the kit though very smart!


  6. Well at last liverpool finally recognise without Everton the4re would never have beeen a liverpool… Blue is the colour!

  7. I really dont understand what the all the fuss is about. The blue is just a shade of blue and not even Everton Blue and quite far from it actually. I remember very well that Everton had PINK as an away kit a few years back. Now, pink is also jut another shade of RED and there was never any furore to it like us wearing this CYAN. Get on with it.

  8. Please don’t even compare Everton with Liverpool.
    We broke away for a reason, and because of that same reason, I will draw the curtains if Everton were playing at the back of my garden.

    YNWA nice try but better luck. At least we ain’t pink!

  9. Nope, Everton moved over a dispute with the Landlord – leaving John Houlding with an empty stadium. He formed a new club and wanted to register it as Everton, but lost out on that so named his new club Liverpool. they remained very much the second team of the City until the early 1970′s.

    Nice that the Reds want to recognise their roots though.. although they would be better off with a Norwegian flag across the chest of the new shirt – that would really appeal to the LFC fanbase.

  10. The new kit doesn’t look bad but personally i wouldn’t choose that color……i would gone back for the green

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